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Super Jackpot Party


This was among the very first WMS developed games. Its popularity grew very fast something greatly attributed to the exciting bonus concepts that accompany the game. For a long time, the game held its own place in the sea comprising of the many WMS slots, credits to its acceptability and popularity.

Super Jackpot Party

The Super Jackpot Party is a five-reel video slot game that offers a betting range which goes to as high as a hundred coins when all the play lines have been activated. Its main downside is the fact that its graphics are not the best. If at all you were expecting exquisite graphics, you will be in for a rude shock. The aesthetic design of the slot is too basic. To make up for this, there is the 25,000-coin standard jackpot which is exactly what any gambler is interested in. if you on an active line you happen to land a 5- Super Jackpot party symbol, then you will get a massive jackpot reward. Gurus recommend that if possible; apply a max bet to all the spins to get the most out of the Super Jackpot Party.

Calling the Entire Party Team

Rich with a variety or rather range of party symbolism; the icon rich reels will trigger you to throw a party. Some of the symbols include the Glitter Balls, Gift Box, Party Cups, Balloons, some Lucky Number 7 symbols in different colors and Cocktails. The various 7 symbols mentioned above payout on a range of mixed combinations thus giving the players an assurance of frequent wins. The value of wins is small for most of the part, though. In fact, because of the less impressive nature of the table, it is the augmentation of the bonus play payouts that makes the Super

Jackpot Party impressive.

Some of the features and bonuses that make the Jackpot Party impressive are; the party feature, the surprise party feature, the party animal feature, the multiplayer feature, the dance feature and the whack-a-pooper feature.

In a nutshell, if you are interested in something that will just meet the eyes, this is not an option. But if you are interested in a multi-faced and complex bonus feature rich of creativity and entertainment, then the Super Jackpot Party is the perfect choice for you.

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Free Slots No Download