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mega-jack-slotIn the gaming industry, Eastern Europe had always risen to the occasion when it came to software gaming. For a long period, Bulgaria, Romania, and Estonia have all produced a greater share of software companies and houses whose development teams have engineered some of the most innovative table and slot games. While quality may vary greatly, this region retains its reputation for superiority with the internet gaming sector. Mega Jack Slot Machines are a huge success story. The company was founded in Bulgaria in the year 1999. During this period, this company operated under the name Casino Technology. Slots, which were developed by Mega Jack, found their way into the European Market.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the majority of the companies, which dealt in this sector, eventually found the market extremely wide open. These companies were now free to sell their innovations to the entire world.

Bulgarian Slots

During the early days, slots developed by Mega Slots were a mixture of the original titles and games, which were disguised copies of the slot games created by the Western Europe companies. Games such as Aztec, Champagne party, and Slot-o-pool assisted Mega Slot to make its mark in the market and also ensure that it has also made a name for itself in the land based casino’s, betting shops and bars.

What is Special about Mega Jack Slot Machines?

Mega Jack slots stand out from the crowd, especially the one present in the market and all the facets of the gaming sector in several ways. One way in which it stands out from the rest is that the company normally creates some exceedingly unique themes. Developers from Eastern Europe have a knack for designing woo-woo, wacky and outstanding themes which simply does not happen with Western developers. Furthermore, when it comes to originality, Mega Slots scores highly. The stories are exceedingly engaging while the graphics are quite intriguing.

With that being said, the best way to have a feel of the Mega Jack game is by giving it a spin. Champagne party is one of the widely known games from the company. It is an old school slot which chirps and beeps like an old computer game. Fruity symbols are all over the game and include lemons, melons, pineapples and tropical fruits. Mega Jack Slot machine download can be found online, or you can play the game at any of the top rated web based casinos.


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