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Although many of you are probably aware of the various types of different online casino slots available – I thought I’d just put them all in a nice article for those who might have missed some out or who want to try their hands at some Free Slots and are looking for some ideas.

Mighty Slots

Many of the below listed categories give the user the chance to play them before they pay for them – basically giving you a great selection of Free Slots Online.

Single Line Slots – Consisting mostly of the original 3-line Slot Machines offering a single pay line. The first was created in 1895 called The Liberty Bell’ and were first circulated around the early 1900’s when they were established in land-based casinos, gambling halls and shopping stores where they were designed to act as entertainment to the women accompanying their husbands.These first paid out in small candles, nickels (later) and gum (the various fruits often related to the flavour). Nicknamed the one-arm bandit – people would pull the lever and then the winnings would be dispensed from the front.

Multi Line Slots – Normally five reels (although sometimes seen in three, four, seven or nine) – These Online Casino Slots available on Mighty slots will contain anywhere from 3 to 1024 pay lines. The majority of them will be 5-line Slot Machines with about 20-25 pay lines and are normally synonymous with Bonus Rounds, Scatters and Progressive Jackpots.

Bonus and Feature Slots

Many Online Slot Machines will now try to tempt the user with various enhancers to keep them playing. With each spin – Scattered symbols may appear which can be Wild (replace any other symbol) or trigger a bonus round; Multiplier symbols may appear which will increase the payout on a winning line; and finally Bonus symbols may show up which will start a Bonus round. Most bonus rounds offer either the chance to win Free games with multipliers per spin (e.g. 20 Free Spins with all wins trebled) or have a custom Bonus game which will allow the player to win up to a fixed figure (some of the largest Online Casino Slots can pay out up to 1,000,000 coins here).

Progressive Slots – The biggest and best Online Slots and sometimes free slots, these are renowned for offering Huge Jackpots. Normally these prizes are pooled from several different casinos using the same software. When the Progressive Jackpot is hit – it will reset the prize fund to the base amount at all the participating casinos. These can take the form of Single Line Slots or Multi Line Slots – and often contain Bonus and Feature Rounds to drum up the excitement.

All of the above Slot categories are available at Mighty Slots and offer a different user experience. For the more amateur gambler – flashy Bonus and Feature Slots may offer the most fun, where some of the higher prizes available on the old Single Line Slots and Progressive Slots will tempt some of the veterans into parting with high line bets in an effort to win the bigger money.

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Free Slots No Download