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Vast numbers of people enjoy free slots – it can be a great way to blow off steam after a hard day at work, and a great way to relax before going to bed at night. It can also be a fun way to pass a couple minutes on the train, on the bus, or on the toilet. But many websites that promise free slots can be sketchy, and some may even try to scam you. Here’s three main things to watch out for when looking for free slots casino listings:

Looking For Free Slots Casino Listings? Be Careful. Here’s Why.

1. Beware of subscription and access fees.

Some websites or apps may offer what they claim to be free slots, but in fact they will require you to pay a subscription or access fee before you can play their slots. This is very misleading advertising, and some websites and apps have even been sued and forced to stop this practice, but since much of the internet is not very well-regulated this practice still goes on.

2. Be careful about entering credit card information.Free Slots Casino Listing

Even if a website or app does not charge you a subscription or access fee up front, they may ask you to enter your credit card information before playing. They may claim it is for security reasons or to prevent people from making multiple accounts, and that may be true – but it is also possible that the website or app is trying to acquire your credit card information for nefarious purposes.

3. If you do enter credit card information, check your statement carefully.

Free Slots Casino Listings Websites

Some free slots casino listings websites may even hide the fact that they are going to charge you a subscription or access fee in their terms of use, so you’ll have to check your credit card statement for it. Others might charge you multiple small fees, hoping you won’t notice. Remember, it’s a wild world out there.

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Free Slots No Download